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Zoom Whitening: Professional Whitening Option

Discolored teeth can be debilitating. They can damage your self-esteem and inhibit you from showing a true smile. Rather than avoiding your discolored teeth, ask us about the advantages of Zoom Whitening. This simple and painless procedure can be done at Crafton Dental. What could be better than receiving a brighter, whiter smile?

How the In-Office Procedure Works

Zoom Whitening is done in the office with a whitening gel that is applied to your teeth while the rest of your mouth, including your gums and lips, is isolated. The gel is then activated with the use of a special light that then bleaches your teeth — giving you that bright, white smile that you desire. There is zero discomfort and no recovery period required to give you the "pearly whites" you deserve.

Get White Teeth at Home Too

If you are not willing to sit in the dental chair or you would rather whiten your teeth on your own time, Crafton Dental also offers custom take-home kits. These kits will take more time to provide you with whiter teeth, but you can achieve your results with a little dedication.

Come in today for a consultation and we will help you determine which tooth whitening product is right for you. Whether it is an in-office procedure or take-home kit, we will help you achieve your goals for brighter, whiter teeth.

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