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First Visit

At Crafton Dental, we want your first visit to our office to be a fantastic one! As the saying goes, you only get one first impression, and with kid’s that is doubly true. For this reason, we make it our business to give both you and your kids a great first visit where we begin to earn their trust so that they will look forward to visiting us again. Your first visit will be both fun and informational to pique your kid's interest and provide them with food for thought about how to keep their teeth happy and healthy.

Getting Aquainted

One of the reasons that take your kids to work day is so much fun is you get to share something that may be old hat to you, with your kids and see the spark of interest in their eyes. That is one of the reasons that we at Crafton Dental enjoy our jobs so much, every new patient that walks in the door is interested and willing to learn about our job. We will take some time to walk them through the office and show them the tools that we use and the fun gadgets that we have.

Regular Cleanings

The first thing that they can expect is a thorough cleaning of their mouth. We will start by using a few tools to remove built up plaque and tartar from their teeth. We will explain each tool and what it does before using it so that nothing is strange or unfamiliar. We understand that trust is earned through honesty and want to build a strong relationship built on trust. The ultrasonic scaler is one of our most impressive tools; it uses ultrasonic frequencies combined with a steady flow of water to break up and wash away plaque and tartar on teeth. We will finish the cleaning by polishing their teeth to remove the effects of staining and make it harder for plaque to accumulate on the surface of the teeth.

Regular Examinations

A professional examination will follow the tooth cleaning. We will take some X-rays of your kid’s mouth, which will help us to find and diagnose the issue if they exist. Examinations help us to find problems like cavities while they are still in the early stages so that we can treat them easily before they become an issue.

Way You Can Help

We all want to make it easy for our kids whenever they have a trip to the doctor or the dentist. What we don’t always realize is that we can say things that will cause our kids more worry than it is intended to by accident. Making offhanded comments like, “Don’t worry, honey,” can introduce the idea that there might be something to worry about. To ensure that their first visit and every visit goes great, please refrain from mentioning the following:
•  Needles
•  Hurt or pain
•  Worry

Just explain that we are excited to help them keep their teeth happy and healthy, and we will take it from there!

Please call us today at (410) 381-0900 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you smile!
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